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treasure map

Who doesn’t love a treasure map? The mystery, the anticipation, the challenge.

I bet you’ve drawn at least one treasure map, even if the treasure was only imaginary. But have you ever drawn a treasure map of your own bedroom?

I have.

You see, my little sister was fond of candy. VERY fond of candy. So fond that the temptation of her sisters’ Easter baskets sometimes overcame her sense of right and wrong. Meaning the Reese’s peanut butter egg I had been looking forward to nibbling on after school might turn up missing.

Realizing that the contents of MY Easter basket were no longer sacrosanct, I did what any red-blooded twelve-year-old would do–I hid the candy. But I didn’t put all my Cadbury eggs in one basket. I hid each piece in a different location. (I think I left the jelly beans in the basket. They were never my favorite, so I didn’t mind of she ate them. Plus, I was probably hoping that doing so would keep her from sniffing out the good stuff–and she was capable of sniffing out chocolate!)

Easter candy

Quick! Hide the chocolate!

The dilemma here, of course, is that I might forget where I stashed everything. So naturally, I made a map. A treasure map indicating where in the bedroom I had hidden each precious piece of candy. I don’t recall anymore if I crossed them off after consuming them, but I do have fond memories of that map.

Have you ever made a map to keep track of things you’ve hidden? Have you ever stumbled upon an unexpected treasure? If so, share those stories with your family and friends. After all, everyone loves a good story about buried treasure.

P.S. You may have noticed this post showed up a day early. I decided to try posting on Thursdays. Happy Thursday.



X Marks the Spot — 8 Comments

  1. I never made a map to my secret candy stash because I don’t think anyone loved candy as much as me to bother come looking for it. My husband has made one for me though. I think at the end of it was a love letter of some sort. The hunt was pretty exciting.

    • We have often made treasure hunts for the boys, but they were usually the “follow one clue to the next” type, rather than a map. Either type is great fun, to make or follow.

  2. You are way to inventive for me..love the peek into your young brain..I probably would have just eaten mine all in one sitting to prevent the thief. We made a treasure map for the older 2 kids while on vacation in Wildwood which led to an “abandoned Pirates” lunch box.

    • Sounds like great fun. Oddly, I’ve never done a treasure hunt at the beach. Maybe I should do something about that…

  3. Well, I have to say the treasure map is a good idea and not just for candy. I put things away in a special place, so I won’t lose them and the next thing you know, I don’t remember where I put the items. A treasure map could be helpful! 😉

    • Whenever my mother said she’d hidden something in a special place, we knew we’d never see it again. There must be some sort of special place wormhole that sends items to …?

  4. As the mother of the aforementioned little sister I fully support your tactic. On another level I wonder if you aimed this post directly at me. I wonder how many times over the years my family has heard me say, “Guess what I just found?!?! And it was usually in the bedroom.