Useful Resources

Looking for resources to help your life become more intentional? Here are some websites and books I have found helpful:

On simplicity and other daily life issues:

On Mindsets that help intentional living:

On personal growth and understanding ourselves:

On pursuing dreams and living a life of significance:

 And, just for fun…

Some favorite Authors of Roman Era Fiction (one of my passions)

  • Tracy Higley —  Books set in various ancient settings, including Rhodes, Alexandria, Petra, and Pompeii
  • Stephanie Landsem —  New Testament characters brought to life. Well-imagined and believable.
  • Lindsey Davis —  Mysteries set in late first century Rome. Rich details, memorable characters and a snarky sense of humor.
  • Ruth Downie —  Mysteries set in second-century Roman Britain.
  • Anthony Riches —  Action novels featuring a centurion in an auxiliary cohort during the late second century.


  • The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden — part of which will be built on my grandfather’s farm. He respected and valued the land, and the people behind the garden are intentional about sharing that respect with all who visit.


Useful Resources — 4 Comments

  1. I just stumbled upon you through Historical Novel Society and I’m fascinated by your current project set in ancient Antioch. I’m writing the story of Junia, the only named female apostle mentioned in the New Testament I I just finished writing a chapter set in Antioch.

    I’d love to know more about your project.

    • I would be glad to talk with you more about it. Your story sounds interesting as well, especially since I have a sister-in-law named Junia.

      • I’m curious about the particular time frame your Antioch novel takes place and who are your characters. I’ve sent Junia to Antioch after Stephen was stoned and Saul of Tarsus was pursecuting Jesus followers. She stays in Antioch presiding over a house church until the riots erupted in 40 C.E. Not much is written about the riot except that it was a result of Caligula’s demand for his statue to be erected in the Jerusalem Temple. As you may know, it was politically quite complicated.

        At any rate, I’d love to compare notes. And let your sister-in-law know that she has a wonderful name and I’m writing a novel for her!

        • Mine is set in 71 AD just after the fall of Jerusalem. At least one old source mentions severe antisemitism in Antioch during the war (which may have involved Christians too). Titus squelched the proposal to deport all Jews when he visited the city after the war. (Fall of 70AD as far a I can tell) so that is part of the background atmosphere of my novel.
          The book Rubies of the Viper has several chapters set in Antioch during Nero’s reign.