I Hate Waiting!

waiting in line

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I don’t like waiting in a line.
I don’t like waiting when I dine.
I don’t like waiting for a box.
I don’t like waiting at the doc’s.
Not while I fret.
Not on the net.
Not on the phone.
Nor the school zone.
I don’t like waiting here or there.
I don’t like waiting anywhere.

 It’s true. I’ve never been fond of waiting.

Not that I’m exceptionally impatient or anything, but like most Americans, I like to get things done. I don’t want to waste time waiting for stuff, or micro-planning, or dithering over whether I’ve made the right decision. I want to get started. The sooner the better. Immediately, if possible.

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A Palm Sunday Perspective

palm branch

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I created a series of monologues for our church to use during Easter week, and I thought I’d share a few with you. Each one is a short glimpse of what a single individual was thinking at that particular moment. Today is Palm Sunday, so imagine you are part of the crowd, waving palms and cheering as Jesus rides by…

Mary Magdalene:

Only Jesus would make his big entrance riding on a donkey. That’s Jesus for you, never doing things the way you’d expect. Never caring what anyone else will think. And yet, when he does something it always seems like his way was the way it was always supposed to be done. (Looks at scene.) I’m sure Jesus is honored by all the men and women placing their cloaks in his path, but you know what? I bet the children laughing and waving palm branches are what he likes best. He has a soft spot for children, or for anyone else who’s weak, or hurting. Outcasts. Cripples. Sinners. That’s why so many of us love him. You’re our hope, Jesus! Hosanna!


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A Good Friday Perspective


Why YOU Need a ZARF

Uncle Sam zarf

You, yes you, may have good use for a Zarf.

Never heard of one? Perhaps not, but you’ve probably seen one, in fact, you might have used one today. A zarf is an ornamental cup-holder of middle-eastern origin, but today the word is also applied to the cardboard sleeves used for coffee cups.

More importantly, zarf nets you 16 points in Scrabble and 27 points in Quiddler. If you aren’t familiar with the word game Quiddler, you should be.

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Are You Happy?


Do you ever wish you could be happier?

I recently came across the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. In the book, the author describes her year-long project to see if she to increase her happiness. Many of her ideas and suggestions resonated with me.

One of them was her Twelve Commandments. I liked the concept of pithy sayings that helped her to think and act in positive ways, so I began to come up with my own list. Continue reading

How to Cope With Discouragement


Have you ever begun a new project only to quit in discouragement?

It seemed like such a good idea, but then something happened. Maybe the project turned out to be a lot harder than you thought. Maybe the people you were counting on for help didn’t get behind the idea.

Maybe people told you it was a stupid idea, or that you weren’t good enough, or that it would never work.

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Wacky Wildlife Stories

When you live in the woods, you cannot help having encounters with wildlife. Some are intentional, such as enjoying the variety of birds that visit the birdfeeders. Some are unintentional, like the Red-tailed hawks who built their nest in a tree off the back corner of our yard. And some are downright unwanted, like the snake I found in the bedroom, the woodpeckers who drill holes in the siding, or the deer that nibble all the leaves from the shrubberies.

Here are a few of my favorite stories about local wildlife. Continue reading