Who’s That? And Why Do I Care?

vintage family photo

You are helping to clean out Great-Aunt Emmaline’s attic and you come across a shoebox filled with old photos. You leaf through them, chuckling at the shots of your aunts and uncles as children, (Uncle Ron always was a goofball, look at that face) and smiling in a vacant way at vintage photos of people you do not recognize. Perhaps Great-Aunt Emmaline scrawled names and dates on the back, giving you a hint about who is staring at you from generations past. But what if she didn’t, and there’s no longer anyone alive who can tell you? What then? Continue reading

Why Go Camping?


campfire cooking

Why is it that otherwise perfectly sane individuals will voluntarily exchange the comforts of their homes (such as sand-free, insect-free bedding, running water, refrigerators, and central air)  for sleeping bags atop leaking air mattresses, smoky cooking fires, perishables floating in three inches of ice water and a lack of indoor plumbing—or sometimes a lack of plumbing altogether? Continue reading

Don’t Let This Happen!


little girl with a silly face

Enjoy life to the full!

What if you woke up one day and you’re 65, or 75, and you never got your memoir or novel written; or you didn’t go swimming in warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and you had a nice big comfortable tummy; or you were just so strung-out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life, of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like when you were a kid? It’s going to break your heart. Don’t let this happen!  Anne Lamott

Every now and then you run across a quote that jumps out, grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you into paying attention. This one did just that.   Continue reading

Guilt-Free Reading

woman reading at the beachAhh … Summertime! Summertime means vacation, and vacation means a week at the beach, (at least a beach vacation seems to be a summer prerequisite in this corner of the state) and a week at the beach means lots of time with a good book!

OK, OK, I can hear some of you squawking. I agree there are plenty of other fun things to do at the beach, but for me the pleasure of guilt-free reading takes first place. Let me explain… Continue reading

How to say, “I Love You” — Part Two

couple hugging

We just celebrated our anniversary, so I am still thinking about love.

Following are some suggestions regarding how introverts can show love to their more extroverted family members.  [Disclaimer: Since I have a degree in engineering, not psychology, I am not an expert. I have, however, lived for fifty years, which should count for something. The following suggestions are merely my opinions, based on observation, common sense, and internet research. There. I have disclaimed enough.]

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Seven Ways to Say, “I Love You” (to an Introvert)

The course of true love (or any love, for that matter) never did run smooth.

It is June, the month traditionally associated with weddings. ♡ And weddings are traditionally associated with love. ♡♡  Unfortunately, loving someone isn’t always easy—especially when we don’t understand them. For many of you, loving the introverts in your life (be they spouse, child or parent) is such a struggle, so I am offering the following suggestions in the hopes they will make you, and your introvert, happier:
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Post-Vacation Stuff Disorder

lounge chairs near a lake

Ahhh, vacation.

“No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.”  Elbert Hubbard

It’s Vacation Season

For many people, Memorial Day marks the beginning of vacation season. Some headed to the beach this past weekend, others to the mountains. The parks were filled with horseshoes, Frisbees and the smell of charring hamburgers. The roads were filled with campers, RVs, boat trailers … and cars crammed with piles of vacation gear.

“Those that say you can’t take it with you never saw a car packed for a vacation trip.”   Unknown

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Celebrating My FULL Nest

bird standing on nest

What happened to my empty nest?

For a few short weeks, my empty nest is full again.

Two dorm rooms worth of stuff have returned home to fill the bedrooms and teeter in odd corners. Music floats from rooms where a few weeks ago there was only silence. Extra cars jostle for position. The refrigerator and pantry are stuffed with a selection of foods and beverages that haven’t been stocked since Christmas.

But I am not complaining. Continue reading