Sometimes we find ourselves zipping along in the wrong direction…

Have you ever been driving in an unfamiliar city and suddenly realize the highway has branched and you’re in the wrong lane? And the next thing you know, you’re on a bridge, which immediately feeds into a tunnel? Continue reading

Taking My Own Advice

Questions are only meaningless if you choose to give meaningless answers. Right?

sisterhoodoftheworldbloggersaward-graphicSometimes these blog award questionnaires feel more like chain letters than awards, but maybe that is just my curmudgeonly perspective rearing its ugly head. So I decided to take my own advice and consider them in a positive light. (Life really is all about perspective, isn’t it?) Hopefully, the result is a worthwhile post, not a rambling discussion of limited interest to busy blog readers.  Continue reading

Write Drunk. Edit Sober.

write drunk

Write Drunk. Edit Sober. I ran across this saying the other day, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It is one of those often-misattributed quotes that might or might not be an actual quote at all. It is often (apparently erroneously) attributed to Ernest Hemingway, who is in his memoir, A Moveable Feast, actually claimed quite the opposite:

My training was never to drink after dinner nor before I wrote nor while I was writing.

Regardless of where the concept originated, what does it mean and is it good advice? Continue reading

You Can’t Put Glitter on a Rattlesnake


Adding glitter will not make the snake less lethal

Not long ago a friend posted on Facebook that she was trying to combat the plethora of negative images in the world by posting photos of adorable baby animals to anyone who responded. Fight suffering and evil with kittens and puppies. An interesting idea.

Except that my toes curled at the thought of what anyone in this household would say about the über-cuteness of baby animals. Continue reading

Reality Check

crowd waiting in line

No one who’s flown in the last fifteen years expects to pop into an airport twenty minutes before a flight and breeze through security with time to spare. If you did, you’d be in for an unpleasant surprise—and a trip to the reservations desk to book a later flight.

Since we expect airport security to result in long lines, hassles and personal intrusions, we plan accordingly, and are surprised only when things go smoothly. Continue reading

A Quiet Remembrance


Smilest thou?
I sent for thee upon a sad occasion.
Olivia in Twelfth Night

Life is not always full of laughter. Even the most cheerful among us face days of grief and loss. Losing a loved one is such a time.

Yesterday I attended the memorial service for a friend’s father.

A sad occasion.

A time of sorrow.

And yet, a memorial service can also be a time of joy. A time to recall memories of happier times, fun adventures, and proud moments. Continue reading