Anyone Searching for Treasure?

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Buried Treasure

What picture do those words evoke in your mind? A pirate chest filled with gold? A secret map? Indiana Jones? Captain Jack Sparrow? The curse of King Tut’s tomb?

Hidden treasure is the stuff of great stories, from classics like Treasure Island or The Count of Monte Cristo, to modern tales like National Treasure, Sahara (the Dirk Pitt version) , and Pirates of the Caribbean.

But treasure isn’t just for pirates and fictional heroes.

These days people search for—and find—buried treasure quite frequently. Most of these finds are written up in archaeology journals, and involve such unromantic, unshiny items as potsherds and scraps of papyri. But every now and then treasure is found outside some archaeological dig.


photo by Nevit Dilman, Creative Commons

Sometimes these finds are pure accident, such as the man in Turkey who knocked down a wall in his house and discovered an entire network of underground dwellings.


gold Viking bird pin

photo credit Derek McLennan via


Other times treasure hunters search long and hard, using modern technology rather than ancient maps. And every now and then they find more than a single coin or arrowhead, like this hoard of Viking items found in Scotland. (See more photos here.)


Cool stuff. Almost makes me want to go search myself, although I doubt I’ll find any Viking hoards or pre-Roman ruins in Lancaster county. *Sigh*

A different kind of hidden treasure

As Christians we are told to search for wisdom as if we were hoping to find hidden treasure. (Proverbs 2:4)

I think, just like with real treasure, we sometimes stumble upon God’s wisdom by accident, and the question is—do we recognize its value or pass it by as a worthless piece of broken pottery?

Other times we search diligently before finding the “treasure” of God’s wisdom. The good news is that, unlike earthly treasure which might not be there at all, God promises that all who seek his wisdom will find it.

 So, what treasure have you unearthed lately?

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Anyone Searching for Treasure? — 8 Comments

  1. Lisa, very interesting post. One place I enjoy seeing archeological artifacts is historic Fort Michilimackinac. It’s being rebuilt right on the site where the remains have been unearthed, one building at a time. What I find a treasure are some of the everyday items left behind by families—shards of pottery, spoons, crocks, or whatever. I like to think of how they lived then. Of course, it’s also interesting to observe and ask questions of historical re-enactors.

    There’s also much treasure in God’s word. ☺ He’s been impressing upon me lately what it means to have Him with me through the difficult times and I am so thankful for that!

    • You’re right. True treasure doesn’t need to look like gold, it can be anything we find fascinating or worthwhile. I am trying to see the “treasure” in my everyday life.

  2. Lisa, this treasure post is quite timely for me. On Tuesday, I was thinking about the woman who lost her coin and searched diligently until she found it. I was thinking of that story because this week, she was ME! Except I hadn’t lost a coin, I’d lost an earring–an earring that has little monetary value, but loads of sentimental value. I dropped it in CVS Tuesday morning but didn’t realize it until late Tuesday afternoon. Before I went back into the store, I asked God for direction and help because I knew the odds weren’t in my favor. But would you know that within a minute I’d found that earring? Only God.
    And I was reminded once again that He cares, and He knew I needed the reminder of that.
    The earring wasn’t exactly buried treasure, but I did have to search to find it! 🙂

    • What a great story! Isn’t it wonderful to know that God cares for the little things. (Probably because he understands they aren’t little.)

  3. Great reminder, Lisa! Makes me think of geocaching, which I have heard much about but never actually done. God has hidden away his wisdom, given us the GPS and coordinates – all we need to do is follow!

  4. Ooooo, Treasure is my favorite! My husband bought me a metal detector for my birthday. I need to get out to the forest and use it before it gets too cold. Thanks for the reminder. I am looking forward, too, to scanning the corn fields once they’re plowed under. Who knows? A viking could have come to Indiana, right? Right? Fun post and so much truth!