For Every YES, There Must be a NO

Balance: for every yes there must be a no

One of the keys to a good life is balance. We all know, maintaining a balanced life isn’t easy, but certain strategies can make it easier.

Do you remember good old Newton and his laws? (Stay with me here, this is not a nerdy science post. I promise.)

One of his laws stated:

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Basically, the law is about balance. So I’ve stolen his law and come up with some non-science-y variations that promote balance other areas of life: Continue reading

Staying Sane During Busy Seasons

10 ways to stay sane during busy seasons

Spring is a busy time for many families, with a long list of end-of-school-year activities on top of yard work, gardening, and spring cleaning, plus all the rest of daily life stuff. Even though my kids are beyond the busy high school phase, this spring is filled with important family events and other local commitments. Every weekend from the end of April through Memorial Day is booked. The schedule includes important events in three different states.

Yeah, it’s going to be a busy month. Continue reading

Do You Need a Mini-Conference?

you need a mini-conference

Last weekend I attended a conference. As usual, I came away both exhausted and energized. Exhausted by the swirling thoughts of all I learned, plus the toll any large gathering takes on my introvert psyche. Energized by the encouragement that comes from sharing triumphs and trials with others who understand me, and the inspiration that conferences always provide.

Wouldn’t it be nice to attend conferences like that whenever we needed a boost of inspiration or morale? Continue reading

How to Eat Healthier Without Going Crazy

Am I the only one bewildered by the mass of (sometimes contradictory) information about what I should eat?

A recent browse of a health magazine turned up one article promising the secret to maintainable weight loss was to eat a low-carb, high protein diet every other day. The very next article promised the same results by eating vegan until 5 pm every day. Continue reading

Don’t Be Stingy

Are you stingy with your creative efforts?

Once upon a time you and I created with joyful abandon. We drew pictures, made mud pies, and invented songs because doing so made us happy. We got messy, we let our imaginations fly, and we were unashamed to share the results with others.

Unfortunately, somewhere in the intervening years most of us have lost both our joy in the creative process and the generous spirit with which our five-year-old selves shared our creations with others.

We have become stingy with our “art”.

And our world is the poorer for it. Continue reading

Stimulation Detox: Fighting for Quiet in this Noisy World

The excess noise in your world may be sabotaging your time, energy and priorities.

We live in a busy world. A world full of excess “noise” (audible or otherwise) that constantly bombards us, exhausts our energy levels, and draws our attention away from whatever we are trying to do.

Sounds. Screens. Scents. Food. People. Objects. Technology, …

We need to be very intentional about controlling the “noise”, or else the “noise”will end up controlling us. Continue reading

What Are You Afraid of?

The fears we don't face become our limits.

As a writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about fear.

Specifically, the fears my main character wants to avoid at all costs. Because those fears are what the plot must force her to confront and  (hopefully) overcome.

In any great story, the biggest obstacle the main character must overcome is not the bad guy but her own inner demons.

I suspect the same is true in real life. Continue reading

What’s Your Definition of Simple?

Most of us yearn for a life that is less hectic than the one we currently live. A simple life. But what does a simple life look like?

Each of us will have a different answer. Because we are in different stages of life. Because we have different priorities. Because different kinds of things bring us joy or stress us out.

All of which means any blog post, device, or strategy that claims it will help you simplify your life may—or may not—be of any use to you. Continue reading